Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Julep Boost Your Radiance Facial Oil

Happy Wednesday!

Just had to share a surprise that came to me earlier this week. I'm writing this on Monday night and had just gone in to take off the makeup and do the evening skincare routine. I happened to glance in the mirror and had to do a double take at what I saw. Wow. Could not believe the luminous glow - something I don't normally see with such dry skin as mine is right now.

But enough of that and on to the product that I believe created that luminous glow. At least, I haven't seen my face like this until after using this product.

I've been getting the Julep Maven monthly box for a few months now and I'm really enjoying it. I appreciate the fact that I can customize each month's box, if I choose and even add products to the box for a decent savings per item. More about all that later, though. For the January box, I forgot all about editing the box until after the time had expired. So, I had no idea what was coming.

Julep is more or less known for their nail polish but they also have makeup and some skin care items. I received one of those skin care items in my January box - the Boost Your Radiance Facial Oil.

There's almost a full ounce here and since you only use a few drops, this bottle will last a long time - unless, like me, you decide to use for practically everything. With so few ingredients, I think this is a good all purpose oil. It has the rosehip seed oil as the main ingredient but also contains shea butter esters, bergamot oil, and vitamin E oil. And that's it. No other weird sounding ingredients.

Now, I was quite surprised when I saw bergamot oil as an ingredient. I've seen bergamot in tea and I love the smell of it but using it on my face? That was a new one on me. So I looked it up.

Apparently, bergamot oil is good for oily skin - which I do not have. It is also supposed to balance oily skin as well as unclog pores. What does it do for dry skin? Makes it luminous, apparently. 

I have been adding some facial oil to the first layer of foundation I put on my face, which makes the foundation go on smoothly and gives a good base for that second coat that I just can't resist putting on. By the time I put on powder, I'm looking quite matte and my face stays that way all day. I started using this oil in that way and what a difference it made in how my skin looked. I have a glow that dry skin can sometimes miss.

Case in point.

no highlighter was used anywhere on my face - none!

This was taken around 7:30pm after having worn my makeup for more than 10 hours. Because I have dry skin, I don't have to worry about makeup melting away. However, I do have to worry about my skin looking too matte, if that's even possible. But look at the luminosity here. By the way, that is the Manna Kadar lip stain that I got in my Fab Fit Fun box. 

Granted the foundation and powder I use is supposed to be luminous but I don't normally look like this at the end of the day even with that foundation and powder. My skin also doesn't feel this good by the end of the day, either. I think I own every mosturizer Paula's  Choice sells for very dry skin. When I'm ready to put on moisturizer, I mix a little of each one together along with additional moisture boosters and my skin can still feel tight and uncomfortable by the end of the day. Especially when I've worn foundation and powder all day. Adding a facial oil helps but this particular oil, even though it's probably best for oily skin thanks to the bergamot, seems to help my skin retain all the moisture I give it.

Needless to say, this oil is now a permanent part of my daily skin care and makeup routine.

Becoming a Julep Maven is easy. Just go to and sign up. They have a couple of subscription options. Julep Maven is $24.99 monthly but if you sign up for the three month subscription, you pay $19.99 for each month - both will auto renew unless you opt to skip a month. With Julep Maven, you get $40 dollars worth of products and each box is completely customizable. You can also choose add-ons at a greatly reduced price. Choose three or more add-ons and they'll send a free product. 

The other option, and the one I'm considering now I'm employed again, is the Maven Luxe. With this subscription you get $60 worth of products for $39.99 per month or $34.99 if you sign up for the three month option. This box is also fully customizable and I'm assuming you can do the add-on thing as well. This one also auto renews and you can choose to skip the month.

I know I'm really enjoying this particular subscription. Just the fact that you can customize what you get makes it worth the cost.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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