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Paula's Choice Skin Care Trials

Happy Monday!

Sorry there were no posts last week. Though it wasn't intentional, I did end up taking the entire week off from blogging. Still fighting some kind of respiratory thing. I think it's just allergies and sinus type stuff but there's also some hard coughing involved so I don't know for sure what it might be. I have been getting more sleep than I usually do and that is definitely helping. 

This week, I thought I would share with you the Paula's Choice products I am testing out. 

If you've ever been to the Paula's Choice website, you've seen just how many products there are to choose from. Kind of overwhelming, actually. They do offer assistance in making the right choices for your skin, I just haven't taken advantage of that option. Yet. Instead, I've been giving things a try to see how they will fit into my routine or not. There are a few options available in a travel size and I took advantage of a recent promotion where all of the travel sizes were $5 each. 

They also have sample sizes, which are generally little sachet types and really only enough for a single use. The travel sizes provide a longer testing time so that you can make a better informed choice. If I could make a huge suggestion to Paula's Choice it would be that all of their products be available in the larger travel size so we can give any products we're considering a longer period of time to see if they'll work for us or not. 

So the travel sizes I've purchased over the last month are right here - well, one is a full size but I did get a sachet size and liked it so much from just that one use that I purchased the full size.

Since there are so many here, I'm going to break this review up into two posts.

First, we'll talk about the basic skin care items.

All are from the Resist line. This line features products for pretty much all skin types except for extra dry. The only product missing from the travel sizes I own is the toner. I did get 3 of the sachet samples to try - each one provided a single use but it was enough for me to decide I do want the full size version at some point. As for the rest...let's talk about that.

The first product in the line would be the first step in both a day and night skin care routine - the Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser.

This is a lotion type of cleanser with very little foaming action, if any. It is water soluble so it rinses fairly clean with little residue left over. I do like how my skin feels afterward. It still feels slightly tight but then the only cleanser I have ever used that did not do that is the pump version of Noxema. I still use Noxema in the shower to wash away the residue of the ELF scrub that I still use.

I am considering getting the full size of this cleanser to use in tandem with the Skin Recovery Softening Cream Cleanser that I also like.

The next step in the routine would be the toner, which I don't actually have but I can talk about. It's called the Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner. It is more like a very thin lotion applied with a cotton pad. Not as watery as the Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner I've been using. I do like how it makes my skin feel and will probably get the full size at some point.

After toner, the next step is to apply an exfoliant.

I already use both the BHA and AHA gel exfoliants but was wanting something a little more moisturizing. This one contains 5% AHA compared to the 8% AHA in the gel form. This product is more of a moisturizing cream that is yellow-ish in color. What I do like about the 5% formula is that it does seem to sink in a bit better than the gel. The gel formula seems to just sit on top of my skin.

Another big difference between the gel and this cream is that it seems to take an awful lot of product to distribute evenly all over my face and neck. I'm pumping out twice as much product as I do with the gel. Maybe that's just the thicker consistency but I'm thinking the 5% cream won't last nearly as long as the 8% gel formula.

Finally, after using the 8% strength, this feels almost like taking a step backward but I need to use it a bit longer to determine whether or not I can still see some improvement.  I have seen a noticeable difference after using the gel for the last few months. I'll keep trying the 5%  before I can make a decision on the full size.

A treatment product follows the exfoliant. The Resist line offers the Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum in the normal to dry line.

The serum is a lot thicker in consistency when compared to the Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum I've been using. It also does not contain the retinol of the Skin Recovery serum. I have been using both mixed together but I believe I prefer the Skin Recovery serum over this one. I can and do use the Skin Recovery serum on my entire eye area - including the lid - without any irritation and I do believe it is making a huge difference in the wrinkles and crepey-ness I'm experiencing around my eyes. So I will be sticking with the Skin Recovery serum going forward.

After application of the treatment product comes moisturizer. 

I do like the expressed benefits of using this product, however it is not hydrating enough for my Winter dry skin. I might, however, give this one another try during warmer months. It is a light lotion consistency that does sink in nicely, it just doesn't give me long lasting comfort compared to what I've been using. 

I have been mixing three moisturizers together - the Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream, the Skin Recovery Replenishing moisturizer, and another one that I'll talk about on Wednesday - along with a dollop of the Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster. I cannot go without the booster, especially right now. I ran out of it not too long ago and had to wait to reorder and I really noticed the difference. I will probably always have the booster on hand.

I did try replacing the Skin Recovery moisturizer with this one but it just wasn't the same hydration wise. I still need more during the dry Winter months so I will probably not order the full size until I feel that my skin is not as dry as it is right now. It is still a good moisturizer and I would recommend it to anyone who has slightly dry or combination skin that is more dry than it is oily.

For daytime, I will then apply a second moisturizer with SPF if I am not going to be putting on a foundation with SPF. The first one I tried from the Resist line was the Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25.

While most of the SPF moisturizers Paula's Choice offers have a subtle cucumber scent, this one smells like dill pickles to me, which I don't find unpleasant at all. This one does have the titanium dioxide type of SPF so it had that white-ish cast to it when you first put it on but that does diminish to leave behind just a glowy look. 

The problem for me with mineral based SPF is that it always makes my skin feel a bit more tight than I like. This one is no exception. I can combat it a bit by pressing in another moisturizing product I have on hand but that does diminish the effectiveness of the SPF. 

I also began to break out after using it for a few days. Whether that was a result of the product or something else, I can't say but as it turns out, I won't be able to get the full size to give it a longer trial. This particular product had to be discontinued because they were unable to obtain some of the ingredients used. They are currently working on a new formulation but until that one comes out, I have to find something else to use. I took a look and found one with SPF 50 and ordered the trial size of that one.

A bit of weirdness happened with this one. The product I thought I was ordering was the Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid. You can see what I actually received. After comparing the active ingredients between the two, I'm thinking they are the same product just renamed. 

Now while this is meant for people with normal, oily, and combination skin, I have been able to use it successfully as the last step in my morning routine. I feel no dryness whatsoever and I do like how it takes down the shine of the other products I've put on my face. It does smell like suntan lotion and there's a reason for it. This one is not a mineral based SPF. That's also probably the reason my skin doesn't feel tight after using it. I've always had better success with the chemical type of sunscreen versus the mineral type. I will be ordering the full size of this one.

Wednesday's post will discuss the 'extras' I've been trying out as well as the third moisturizer in that trio mix I spoke of earlier. 

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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