Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Walgreens Eyeshadow Palette Haul - Rimmel and Cover Girl

Happy Wednesday!

I know. I know. Like I needed more eyeshadow - especially after getting the Sweet Peach palette. But you know how it is. Most people have a weakness. Mine just happens to be eyeshadow palettes. 

Drug store brands have really been stepping up their game lately. Lots of new makeup has been released and from the sounds of it, much of it is very good. 

I happened to see the Rimmel Magnifeyes Shadow palettes during an earlier visit to Walgreens but passed at the time. Plus, it was still a few days before payday. 

Then I saw them on YouTube and...well... I own'em.

I don't believe these are intended to be dupes of the Naked palettes but I'm thinking it wouldn't be hard to find a few shadows that look similar in here. I don't own any of the Naked palettes so I can't do a comparison.

What I can do is show swatches of what I do own. Each palette has 12 shadows in mostly a mixture of mattes and shimmers. There are a couple of glitters in there as well, though. They all seem decently pigmented, although a few might take some extra effort. There are a few really soft, powdery ones as well. They do not have individual names, either.

Palette #1 is called Keep Calm & Wear Gold.

This one has 4 definite mattes and one that seems to have more of a satin finish - the gray one on the left end. The one next to it has a holographic glitter overspray that did not translate into the swatch.

Palette #2 is called London Nudes Calling.

This has a few deeper shades - all but one are some level of shimmer. The two on the left side at the very end appear to be duo chromes. The second from the left is a dark, dark brown with a red flash. The one next to is is more of a warm, peachy brown.

The third and final palette, and I think my favorite, is called Grunge Glamour.

This one has grays, blues, and an awesome rosy purple. There's 4 mattes in this one as well.

Of the three, only one would require help creating a complete eye look. London Nudes Calling needs a good transition shade and a matte highlight shade, at least for my use. The other two can get by with what's in the palette.

And speaking of needing more to create a complete eye look, check this one out.

Covergirl decided to add to their Trunaked collection with this gorgeous jewel toned palette. All are pretty much a shimmer of some level so unless you just want that sparkly, disco ball quality on your eyes, you would need to pull in some shades from somewhere else.

Still, get a load of the purple, blue and green here.

Those three alone made this one a must have for me. I think my mouth actually dropped open when I saw this in a drugstore haul on YouTube. I think it was Kathleen Lights but I'm not certain now.

As with the other Trunaked palettes, the quality here is amazing.

The only reason the one on the left, second from the top doesn't show up well is because it's so very light with only a hint of flash. The purple is a bit of a duo chrome with a light blue shift. And that blue - kind of scared to do an eye look with that one but I'm gonna do it anyway. The trick will be keeping it strictly on my lids and using a neutral crease shade.

There's tons more new products out at the drugstore but I think I'm done now - well, for this pay period, anyway. 😏

Hope your day is going well. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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