Saturday, May 20, 2017

Well, Hello Again!

Yes. I know. I said I was back and I thought I was back but clearly I was not back so let us just move on, shall we?

Excuses are as follows: crazy first 6 months at a new job, dead computer, continuous internet issues (partly the bad computer's fault, as it turns out), and just plain didn't have the energy after a crazy work week.

Thankfully, the job has calmed down just a bit - or maybe I've learned enough now that I don't ponder the problems so deeply that I drain all of the energy from my brain cells. I did replace the dead computer, which died not even two years after purchase - and no, I did not get an extended warranty. 

Computer buying tip - if you get a PC with the new i7 Intel processor, make sure you get the proper cooling system on it as well. The dead computer, aka very expensive doorstop, had the i7 but did not have the right cooling system. The new one does so hopefully it will last much longer. There is an app on it that lets me monitor the temperature as well as two vertical light strips on the front that glow in colors corresponding to the range on the temp monitor. If it goes to orange, I need to shut down whatever I'm doing to let the thing cool down. Hasn't gotten there yet but it will go to yellow when I play some of my games. Generally it says green.

Excuses aside, I do apologize for going AWOL on you. Not making any promises not to do it again in the future but I do have every intention of at least the occasion post so that complete abandonment of the blog is not a thing.

And now for the reason I've dropped in. I polished for the first time in a loooong time and was so impressed with the stuff that I had to share. 

I've been getting the Julep Maven box for quite a while now. I love the fact that I can customize the thing for what I want to receive. It's also pretty reasonable - $19.99 per month, paid in quarterly installments - and you can skip a month if you want. They also have add-ons that you can get at a deeply discounted price. Add three or more and you get a free gift, which is usually a polish. 

They have expanded from just polish to makeup and skincare, including some brushes, which are very nice. If you'd like to give them a try, go here and sign up.

Now, on with the pretty polish.

This is one is called Gemini.

Sparkly, color shifting, and green - what's not to like? I love these kinds of polishes because they do a pretty good job of camouflaging any bubbles that might decide to join the party. Is it a bubble or a piece of glitter? No one knows but you.

I have heard all kinds of stories about Julep polishes being bad but the only complaint I have for this one is that the polish did begin to thicken up as I went along. Not a big deal with nail polish thinner close at hand. And a good shake halfway through the job works pretty well, too.

And by the way, the pic above is from day two. This is why I'm very impressed. 

Here's what it looked like when I first put it on Thursday night.

Not the best pic but then I hadn't planned on blogging it. I was just sending a text to friends to show off that I had finally done some polishing. And not a bad polish job for having taken a lot of time off.

And now today, as I write this more than 24 hours later.

Just a bit of tip wear and maybe some small chips at the cuticle - which is weird for me. I should also say that I'm not easy on a manicure so to only have chips at the cuticle is beyond amazing. That last pic shows the shift to blue - or tries to.

While the colored part of the manicure is very pretty, I think the staying power can be attributed to the base and top coats used.

In the past, I have favored Orly Bonder for a base coat and Out The Door by INM for the top. I think the Julep is performing above and beyond. I mean, no chips after more than 24 hours? Remarkable. Granted, you get less in the bottle with Julep but with the way I can get these at reduced prices as add-ons, I think they're a bargain. The top coat is even quick drying, though the bottle does not make that claim. 

Just about all of the polishes I have from Julep claim to have an oxygen technology thing that supposedly allows the nails to 'breathe.' There is even a special treatment product that is used alone to give the nails a 'break' from layers of polish - I do not recommend using it as a base coat, however. I did that once and the polish peeled completely off after exposure to water. The treatment actually should be applied as one coat daily, which would take care of any loss due to water, I suppose. I'd probably only use it on a weekend or during time off from the office.

Some of the polishes claim to go further with something called Hexanol, which is supposed to help strengthen the nails. All of the polishes are 5-free. 

As with Zoya polishes, all of Julep's polishes have female names - except for their Zodiac series of polishes. You can even submit a name for consideration as well as join in on the development of new products, colors and such. I'm very impressed with the company as a whole, to be honest.

How many do I have at this point?  Well....

Not quite a Glossybox full but getting there. And I just noticed one laying down on the job. 

So there you have it. The first polish job after - well, I've lost count how long it's been but I'm finding a renewed interest in doing my nails. Might be because I now go out of the house 5 days a week or maybe I was just ready to get back into treating myself. That's another blog post, though.

For now, I'll say thanks for reading - and sticking with me through this latest blog drought - and stay tuned.


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